About 2heads

2heads is a purpose-built Collaboration Team with a key nucleus of 2 highly experienced professionals (meeting of the minds - Sebastian Muscolino - SPS and Steve Purser - Profile7) wisely combining PROPERTY with STRATEGY to explore, discuss and provide top-level strategic solutions for a wide variety of seemingly continuous property industry needs.

Our core value is to strategically improve our client's business outcome from a daily benefit to leaving the most worthy of legacies at a later time.

As your objective third party with no bias it enables us to address your specific circumstances correctly and respectfully in your best interest adding greater Purpose to your journey.

Initially we can help by offering our assistance and guidance however that is often not enough. The greatest benefit is to learn from others - many but relevant others - peers within our industries. 2heads presents 3 ways of doing this:
 01 - HEXconnect - The Voice - Information to learn in your own time
 02 - HEXtable - The Facilitator - Q&A with industry Peers
 03 - THINK3 - The Collaborator - Hands-on strategy development to improve your situation

To achieve the future you desire requires major decisions and the respect, research and resources it deserves -  2heads will show you how

"Embedding PURPOSE in your business will help it to stand out, and align it with customers who have the same values."

Sir Richard Branson

Covey Quote

Communicate, Educate, Collaborate

Good strategy does not mean developing a solid plan and sticking to it no matter what. It means to be flexible, to be knowledgeable, to have clarity, to understand context, to embrace change, to be an informed decision maker, to evolve, to be aware, to learn every day, to know you are not alone in your quest for a successful project, business or legacy. These are primarily personal skills that you run your business with - Your success is up to YOU! 2heads has developed 3 ways to assist you and your business:

HEXconnect - Self-improvement

Get to know what you don't know! Read at will, learn every day to increase your knowledge, your experience and your ability to make better informed decisions, more often. Our extensive range of articles enable you to learn when you want to.  Find out more

HEXtable - Peer Input

Learn from the best - your PEERS. They certainly have the knowledge and the experience in their respective fields within the property industry. Their input is invaluable to you personally, to your business or to your project.  Find out more

THINK3 Strategy - Working Smarter

Working smarter is essential and continually asking the key question "Where to from here?" is smart. As strategy collaborators we can turn your organic growth into sustainable equity to help 'future proof' your company.  Find out more

What is Next for You?

If you would like to know more about what 'Your Next Step' should be then please contact us today to set up an obligation free meeting.  Click here to Email Today

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If you would like to know more about what 'Your Next Step' should be then please contact us today to set up an obligation free meeting.

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