"Execution without Strategy is Aimless,

Strategy without Execution is Useless

All Pointless without REALITY!"

One of our key action philosophies that is reasonably 'common sense / logic' however its value will become clearer as discussions progress on where you want to be in the future.

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Turn organic growth into
Sustainable Equity

To get started "What do you need NOW? - more sales, cashflow, projects, sites, funds."

The next key question in this current environment is "Where to from here?"

In fact, it is a question we should ask of ourselves all the time. It will keep us focused - don’t settle for the status quo - Always ask "What Next?".

Regardless of your current situation, being nimble is the key to success. Nimbleness is flexibility / adaptability. It is adopting the ability to make quick, consistent, informed decisions to adapt or evolve to anything the marketplace throws at you - Future-Proof.

The property industry is complex, and at the same time, unique. It ranges from smaller niche industries working together, to project groups, to individual silos (specialists), with many moving parts at each level or stage.

Complex or unique, having access to valuable knowledge and experience is essential to minimising risk / loss, and maximising profits / equity.

There are 3 key considerations for all businesses to action with clarity and context:

01 - YOU  Business Owner, Leader, Change-maker, Decision-maker, Controller ....
     "You are only as good as the people around you."

02 - BUSINESS / Project  Vehicle to get things done, Deliver, Sell, Manufacture ....
     "Control what you can - Influence what you can't."

03 - SHARE  How you communicate all the above to the marketplace ....
     "Always plan with a realistic end in mind."

All of the above starts with YOU, your capabilities and your ability to learn and adapt to Survive or Thrive.

Communicate, Educate, Collaborate

Good strategy does not mean developing a solid plan and sticking to it no matter what. It means to be flexible, to be knowledgeable, to have clarity, to understand context, to embrace change, to be an informed decision maker, to evolve, to be aware, to learn every day, to know you are not alone in your quest for a successful project, business or legacy. These are primarily personal skills that you run your business with - Your success is up to YOU! 2heads has developed 3 ways to assist you and your business:

HEXconnect - Self-improvement

Get to know what you don't know! Read at will, learn every day to increase your knowledge, your experience and your ability to make better informed decisions, more often. Our extensive range of articles enable you to learn when you want to.  Find out more

HEXtable - Peer Input

Learn from the best - your PEERS. They certainly have the knowledge and the experience in their respective fields within the property industry. Their input is invaluable to you personally, to your business or to your project.  Find out more

THINK3 Strategy - Working Smarter

Working smarter is essential and continually asking the key question "Where to from here?" is smart. As strategy collaborators we can turn your organic growth into sustainable equity to help 'future proof' your company.  Find out more

What is Next for You?

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Feature Articles from HEXconnect

Whats my site worth

What's My Site Worth?

by Sebastian Muscolino - SPS Group

It seems that very few residential development sites stack up anymore, at least in various parts of Brisbane. The cause of this is mostly due to vendor expectations and understanding of the development process - many of whom take on an over-simplistic and optimistic view of project costs, revenues, and of course risk....

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Joint Ventures

JOINT VENTURES - The Importance of Well Documented Agreements

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Joint ventures, development agreements, profit-sharing agreements, partnerships, option agreements, preferential loans, and other arrangements are common terms used when starting a property development project....

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FEASO's - Why Yours Works & Your Financiers Don't

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Feasos are funny things, sometimes developers prepare then to justify their rationale after acquiring or deciding to proceed with a development, and other times they are used for the reason intended....

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Small Change, Big Impact

Small Change, Big Impact

by Alex Steffan - Steffan Town Planning

Recent Changes to Multiple Dwellings Car Parking (Brisbane City Council Town Plan). These changes have since had a significant impact on the ability to design and gain approval for multiple dwellings. In late November 2019, Brisbane City Council (BCC) introduced new car parking ratios.....

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Q&A Articles from HEXtable

Think Tank Q:01

Interview with Michael Jullyan

Director of Think Tank Architects

Q 01: Are you seeing developers search for a genuine, unique point of difference in design outcomes, or are they merely making incremental, safe changes to what has been traditionally supplied?

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Right Angle Q:01

Interview with Mark Hayes

Director of Right Angle Group

Q 01: In your experience, what are the main reasons for not being able to source development funding, and how can this process be better managed?

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